Availability and Shipping information

Ordering paraglide products in this country is unlike any other industry because merchants only carry a small amount of gear in stock. Therefore, if you are in need of custom gear, there can be a wait for delivery.  When there is a product ordered that is not in stock, it is placed on a list by an importer, who waits until there is an order that is large enough to send to manufacturers.  Once a manufacturer fills an order, it can take up to 2-8 weeks for the items to pass through United States customs.  

It is my pleasure to be your liaison during the order fulfillment process.  I am able to check stock--which might help to inform your purchasing decision--and I will keep you updated with any information that I receive as you wait for your gear.

Scenarios I've seen in the many years doing business that can delay products are:

  • Manufacturers delay certain products because they are recalling a design or material.
  • Shipments are held up in customs.
  • Manufacturers are swamped with orders and they are having trouble keeping up with production.

I know it can be frustrating as I deal with this process myself.  From what I can tell, it has a lot to do with the fact that there is a lot of paraglide product out there but the U.S. has a relatively small pilot population.

Please be patient and feel free to ask questions.  I order the equipment promptly and communicate with you with any updates on delivery times.

Thank you for you order and patience.


Brian and the AirXpansion Team