Instructors Note:

Ozones new low/mid En B category wing.  With a completely new internal structure, the Buzz Z6 is a great choice for pilots looking for a high level of passive safety.  Ozone recommends this wing for pilots who fly 30-50 hours a season.

Technical Data:


Standard Weight


      1                2                3                4   

Custom Colors Add $150, go to Ozones site and choose colors, Email Airxpansion with details.  



You can choose any of Ozones backpack options, see Ozones site.  Email or send note to AirXpansion explaining your choice upon time of order.

Delivers With:

140 L Backpack, Inner Bag, Glider Strap, Speed Bar, OZONE Stickers, Repair Cloth and OZONE Keyring.



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