UP Lhotse

by UP
    • A light but strong design, weighing just 3.3kgs in the M size
    • Ideal glider for hike&fly adventures at home and abroad
    • Easy to pack even in tight spots, using either the new UP Parasleeve or any traditional method
    • Very easy launching in all conditions, to make your para-alpinism adventure safer and more fun
    • Minimalistic but very efficient risers made from a combination of Kevlar-reinforced 12mm Nylon webbing and Dyneema cord
    • Glide performance to make those big valley crossings in real conditions a breeze
    • New Generation Aerofoil (NGA) for a solid leading edge and great penetration in turbulence
    • Very stable even at top speed due to our Nylon Front Section Support system (FSS)
    • Precise, linear handling similar to the high- performance UP models
    • C-riser controllable
    • 2. generation Brakeline Tensioning System (BTS2) for better handling with less line consumption
    • Mini-rib canopy construction
    • Light and efficient speed system with RonstanTM pulleys
    • Double 3D panel shaping technology – less wrinkles, less drag
    • Half-moon shaped cell openings - maximum leading edge integrity, minimal drag
    • Safe, predictable flare to make landing in a tight spot easy and relaxing
    • 3 sizes, covering hook-in weights from 65kgs to 120kgs**

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