Pilot Certification P-2


Become a confident and skilled pilot with our comprehensive flight course. Over 10-14 days, train at 3 different sites with expert instruction and gain the necessary skills to fly independently. Transform your passion for flying into a reality.

Here you will learn to launch, fly, and land a paraglider. We will cover meteorology, aerodynamics, thermal techniques, and much more.

With this certification you can begin your journey of paragliding, flying at many gliding sites across the country on your own or with the instructor.

Purchase your equipment through AirXpansion Paragliding for peace of mind and expert-approved gear. This ensures top-quality equipment and avoids any risk of purchasing incompatible or subpar products. Trust in the domain expertise and industry standards of AirXpansion Paragliding for a safe and successful paragliding experience.

*The price is $3,500 for the course if you do not purchase from AirXpansion.  

Included in Course:

-10-14 days of in-person instruction

-Use of equipment for first half of lessons

-8 Hours of in-person ground school

-On Hill video analysis

-Photo documentation of your lessons

-AirXpansion T-shirt

-Sticker bundle


-Discounts on your future P3-P5 upgrades

-Discounts on continuing education and clinics 

-Lifetime of coaching and advice


*Must be 18 years or older*

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