USHPA - United State Hang Paraglide Association

Join USHPA -   

This is our governing body that you need to be a member of for us to train together.  This is where you get your P-2 certfication from.  You have the choice to become an annual member for $150 or a Student for $35 (lasting only 60 days).

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Ground School Topics -

These are the topics that we will cover in our "required" 8 hours of ground school taught by AirXpansion.  

Download and/or print HERE.

Pilot Proficiency System -

Here are your requirements for obtaining your P-1 and  P-2 Ratings from Ushpa.  1. Logged Requirements, 2. Demonstrated Skills and Knowledge and 3. Recommended Operating Limitations.  Page 18-23 of the PDF.

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